Everything You Need To Know

Our goal is for each family make a donation to the auction; if every family brought in at least three items, we would have a full event indeed!

 There are two ways to make a donation:

    1. Donate a personal item, or service you provide.  This donation may be handmade,  something taught, a service, or an item previously owned.  If the latter, it must show very little wear.
    2. Approach local businesses.  We have provided a letter that explains our event & how they can help (below).  Make sure to record where you’ve approached by emailing us at southparkauction@gmail.com. Please ensure you have checked that the business has not already been approached

Fill out a yellow donation sheet (on the auction table in the main hall by the medical room), attach it to your donation, and bring it to the school office.

Auction 2020 Donation Request Letter

Auction 2020 Businesses Approached

Auction Gift Certificate PDF (for personal services or businesses without official gift cards)